A New Day

Welcome to my new journal. You perhaps know that I operated a blog called Espresso Roast for several years that is still up and running but put on ice, so to speak. All of the posts there will be preserved and accessible, but will not be added to anytime soon (at least, as far as I can see). I think part of the reason I burned out on that blog was that I focused too much on news, current events and the like and felt the need to always put something “of substance” on there. They ended up being more along the lines of articles than a journal.

The reality is, I want this new space to be of substance as well, but more pastoral and meditative in nature. I prefer to have a place where I can reflect on what God is doing in my own spirit and, hopefully, God may speak to you as well. I think I need a taste of the simple approach…a blog without all the bells and whistles.

I make no promises or predictions about what this will be like. I don’t expect it to become a must-see attraction. I do hope to visit God here and stumble upon some great insights as I take the time to listen to Him. As my background is in worldview studies, I suspect I will make some semi-regular comments on culture and how that does/does not reflect the nature of God, but I doubt that will become the focus. Much of my reflections may be centered around my church, Memorial Baptist, and what God is doing there. Whatever it is, I hope it is a blessing.

So, I hope you will keep Espresso Roast on your subscription list in case we fire it up again, but I invite you to look in on what God is doing in my life and I’d love for you to give your own insights so that maybe we can learn from each other.