A Simple Day Off

reading10:35 A.M.  Today started with an incredible Fall morning.  The sun is bright.  The temperature is cool and it’s my day off! I spent the early morning enjoying the sunshine and reading.  Not that I don’t read quite a bit throughout the week, but Fridays are specifically just for me.  Reading for fun.  Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace time off and milk it for all it’s worth.  There’s a reason God took the 7th day as one for rest…He wanted us to follow suit.  I am and finding incredible blessing as the result.

The afternoon is pretty full, though.  Andrew has an awards ceremony that I’m going to.  I think he’s only getting recognized as having perfect attendance, but the fact that I’M there to recognize him by just showing up seems to be enough for him.  It’s amazing how the little things are so big when you are little and as you get big, the little things are never enough.  That’s sad, when you think of it.

After I’m done at school, I have an appointment followed by physical therapy.  Definitely getting better but still a long way to go.  Hoping I don’t have to have more injections.  It’s a long process, but God is teaching me patience and trust.  I’m learning that even if my arm is never 100%, He is.  In the end, that’s all I really need to know.

Finally, I’m meeting up with Karen for a run.  OK, maybe a walk with some speed thrown in just to say I did.  I haven’t run in so long now, I’ll probably conk out during warm-ups!  My doctor really wants me to start jogging, though, to get the blood pumping through that shoulder.  Not sure if I’m buying it…probably just noticed I’m getting flabby and lazy and is throwing me a bone.  I’ll bite, though.  I need the work-out.  Was in the best shape of my life a couple of years ago before the injury (how sad is that!), but I’ve not found the motivation as I’ve healed to get going again.  Maybe this will be a start.  I was convicted a couple years ago of the need to take care of myself better…I really do believe it’s an act of worship to take care of the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Trick is not to become conceited and make it the temple of the idol of “me”.  That’s an every day challenge regardless!

Not sure what the evening holds, but hoping for a good one.  I’m learning to embrace the little things (see above) and make them into the little adventures of life.  It makes the journey fun!