AWOL…but back again.

For some time I’ve taken a bit of an unannounced sabbitical from writing here.  Don’t know why exactly.  I think I just needed to make it through some of the challenges of summer (like six funerals, two weddings, two trips, one training, the design of a new worship experience…and a partridge in a pear tree).

Well, I am hoping to get back to the discipline of writing here pretty regularly, the desire being to encourage those who read this in their faith and journey with Christ as well as to provide some insights and information for those who are members and attenders of The Gathering.

I have noticed that I often get pulled aside at church and asked questions about life, love, faith, etc.  Usually, they are many of the same questions over and over (which I love because it means these things are being wrestled with).  Nevertheless, I thought maybe it would be beneficial to answer some of those questions here (to the best of my ability with fear and trembling before God), hopefully encouraging more people and opening up the chance for dialogue and discussion so that our collective God-given wisdom might lead us all to a deeper walk with Christ.

I will also post some of my PSIs (Personal Spiritual Insights) that result from my time with Christ that may spark a thought or encourage more in-depth study and exploration so that you may receive benefit from my much-needed tutelage under Christ.

Finally, I may also focus more on church-related issues, providing announcements and more in-depth explanation/justification for some of the stuff we’re doing at The Gathering.

So, please ask questions, give feedback, offer insights, or simply opine.  Whatever your reason for being here at this moment, I hope you find it, using your freedom to comment towards that end.  Thanks for reading.