Boroughing Through the Blahs

Tick, tock, tick, tock.  We’re down to the last several hours of 2008.  Another year flown by…memories of what has been accomplished flood my mind.  For me, it’s been a good year, but I’m finishing more on a whimper.  This holiday season has been absolutely exhausting for me.  Between travel and trying to squeeze in all of the work that has to go on regardless of “days off,” I just feel beat.  Funny how I can’t wait to get back to a regular schedule so I can rest!  Sounds strange, but a regular schedule allows for enough time throughout the week to pace yourself.

One of the most frustrating things for me this season is that before the holidays we were experiencing a good deal of momentum at The Gathering.  Attendance was increasing, excitement was building and giving was up.  Altogether, those are some pretty good signs that people are getting the idea of discipleship.  We’re starting to get excited about The Mission.  With the holidays comes a scattering of the people and the danger of losing something of that focus.  I know I’ve struggled with it a bit.

My prayer is that God will counter that with an anticipation of what He can and will do in 2009.  I want to see so many lives touched and changed this next year through the ministry of The Gathering that we can barely keep up!  I want to see God use me this year like never before.  Maybe, just maybe, God is allowing me to go through the “frustrations” of the holiday blahs to gear me up for the New Year blast-off.

I pray it’s so.