Little Reminders of God’s Faithfulness

Man, I was struck yesterday of just how faithful God is to take us where we are and use us for His glory and bless us so deeply that our lives are profoundly changed.

Yesterday in worship, I had the opportunity to interview our most recent participant in our Peru ministry.  As I asked him how the trip affected him, he confessed that before going down, his relationship with Christ was really nominal, at best.  Yet, he felt compelled to be a part of this mission.  I agreed and encouraged him to go.

In tears, he told of his opportunity to talk with people about his faith like never before.  With his tough, Marine exterior and tatted arms, he had opportunities with people who perhaps would have felt uncomfortable with anyone else.  He observed the family of the church leader down there, seeing how he led his family in such a godly way, loving his wife and nurturing his children and it changed him…perhaps, as he put it, even saving his own marriage.  And God was honored in all of it.

There is nothing spiritually significant about this man.  He’s an average guy with average struggles and average opportunities…just like me…and you.  Anything God touches, though, is no longer average.  This man came back experiencing God in a new way and with a fresh commitment to his family and his walk with Christ and having been used by God RIGHT WHERE HE WAS.

Was this just a spiritual high?  A “mountain-top” experience?  Probably, if he is not encouraged in his walk and newfound commitment.  But it doesn’t have to be.  If we commit our lives to Christ every day, then every day can be a mountain top experience, even in the valleys and monotony of everyday life.  God has the ability to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary every single day when we commit every single day to Him, submitting to His use every single day and watching as He uses us and blesses our socks off in the process.

I am thankful for little reminders through what I experienced yesterday in worship of God’s faithfulness to do in us what we could never, ever imagine when we make ourselves available and are fully committed to Him.