Polyamory: The Next Frontier

 Ryan T. Anderson has written a new article on polyamory entitled, “How the Media Are Promoting Polyamory. The New ‘Marriage Equality’?”

In it, he describes the recent push for marriage equality for polygamists that actually began before the Supreme Court ruling. Turns out it was the plan all along:

Before the Supreme Court’s ruling, Professor Judith Stacey of New York University expressed hope that redefining marriage would give marriage “varied, creative, and adaptive contours,” leading some to “question the dyadic limitations of Western marriage and seek . . . small group marriages.”
In their statement “Beyond Same-Sex Marriage,” more than three hundred “LGBT and allied” scholars and advocates called for legally recognizing sexual relationships involving more than two partners.


Once marriage is taken and “undefined”, there can be no stop signs and nothing will be out of bounds. 

Don’t let anyone ever fool you again…there really are no limits to Pandora’s Box.