Pushing 40

This Saturday, I officially turn 40. I use the term “turn” intentionally because I’ve been “pushing” 40 and, unfortunately, it’s been pushing back pretty hard. I don’t think I want to “hit” 40 for fear of what might happen.

I’ve spent the last three days in the hospital with acute sinusitis. Very painful ailment, I might add. Yes, one week before my 40th birthday. I guess I wanted to go out with a bang…or is that a wimper…defintely a moan or two.

I figure that I’ve gotten it out of my system and am ready to go ahead and hit my 40s with a bang…and you better believe I’m gonna hit that sucker with everything I’ve got…gonna knock it out so it can’t return the favor.  So, here’s to the 30’s: they taught me a lot, showed me many changes and gave me many wonderful opportunities.  Both of my children were born during my 30s and they are a wonderful blessing.

I actually look forward to my 40s.  They’re a gift from God and, if it’s His good pleasure, I’ll make to say the same about my 50’s.  Every good and every perfect gift comes from above, as the Scripture goes, so thank you, Lord, for the wonderful gift of turning…and hitting…40.

…now bring it on!