Season After Season

FallTreeI’m sitting on my back porch looking out at the incredible colors of Fall all around me, taking in the fresh air and reflecting on just how good God really is in spite of what a punk I really am.  Humbling.

As the breeze blows through, I am thinking about how just one short month ago I was enjoying the warm sunshine in shorts and t-shirt, lamenting the fact that it would soon be coming to an end.  I always mourn the loss of Summer.  I try and hold onto every little ounce of “beach weather” whether I’m at the beach or not.  Now, I’m sitting in the cool shade, sweater on and heater burning, taking in the sites and thanking God for Fall.

It reminds me of how much I hold onto things…like Summer.  I don’t want to let go because, surely, whatever I have right now isn’t nearly as good as what’s coming.  I wonder if I ever hold on so tightly that I miss the next great thing that God has for me.  Of course, there is the opposite extreme of always looking for something better at the expense of what you have.  That’s discontentment, but I’m not talking about extremes here.  Just realizing how easy it is to miss the beauty and glory of what God has coming next when I’m not prepared to receive it.

Even now, I’m dreading the leaves turning from their fiery orange and yellows to the drab browns of death and the inevitable dropping to the ground so that my son can have the extreme joy of raking them up.  I know that what follows is winter…what is, generally, my least favorite time of the year.  Yet, when winter sets in, I find beauty and joy even in the cold mornings and the dark afternoons.

Truth is, that old saying is true:  God is good all the time.  All the time, God is good.  Season after season.