Happy 5th Birthday, Andrew!

I’m writing these little letters way too frequently, but what an incredible joy to see my boys grow!  Andrew, I cannot tell you how much I love you.  You are…all boy!  That’s a good thing, though, because even though so much goes along with it that is less than pleasant, I’ll take it all because you are healthy and full of life.  I am grateful for what God is doing in you already and what I am believing for Him to do in you throughout your life. 

I am reminded yet again how you do not ultimately belong to me.  You are mine to raise and train and point to Jesus, but He is the one who is your great Provider.  He loves you more than I ever could, but He demonstrates how much He loves me by giving me this privilege.  I have two wonderful boys and am so blessed. 

As you continue to grow in maturity and stature, it is my prayer that you will grow to love Jesus with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.  I don’t always get this parenting thing just right, but my hope and desire is that my life will always point you to the One who gave you this life you have. 

I hope you have the best birthday imaginable and many years of joy and contentment in Christ.  I love you, my little Drew!


Mother’s Day and More

Today is a very special day because we honor our mothers, and so to all moms we say thank you and we love you.  For my own mom, it is especially unique.  It was on this specific day…Mother’s Day…in 1955 that my mother gave birth to my oldest brother, Charles Silas Price, Jr.  It would have been the most joyful day for a young couple, living far away from home while serving in the Army, married just over a year, giving birth to their first son and on Mother’s Day, no less.  It should have been joyful, except that this little boy was born with spina bifada…and in 1955, that was a death sentence. Tragically, “Chuck” only lived a very short time: born on Mother’s Day and dying on Father’s Day, 1955.  

So, on this special Mother’s Day, I honor the memory of the one I never knew, born 56 years ago today.  

My Little Boy’s Day

Awakened to the chaos this morning that is my household: two dogs barking to go outside and two kids engaged in the epic struggle of  the love-hate relationship they have with each other called brotherhood.  The difference today?  The battle involved a nine year-old and a THREE year-old.  Andrew has left the terrible two’s and has engaged in the tyrannical three’s.  Yeah, I’m exaggerating quite a bit, but…well, maybe not that much.  All I can say is, in spite of the disturbances of the peace, I am one blessed guy who has two great kids!  So, today, I celebrate the day this wonderful kid name Andrew David Price came into our lives three short years ago.

To Drew:

To say that I’m proud of you would do how I feel about you such an injustice.  Even when you’re “naughty,” you make me smile…usually.  Your laugh is infectious and your quirky personality is a joy.  In short, I love you so much.

On the one hand, I can’t wait to see what you will become and see all that God has for you, while on the other, I want you to slow down!  You are growing so fast and I am thankful to God for all that you are and the health and energy He has given you, but I realize how fleeting these moments are.  It seems like yesterday I was writing to Jacob on his 3rd birthday and now it’s your turn.  Sigh.

I want you to know that as long as the Lord has me here I will always be here for you.  I am on your side.  I am in your corner and you can always come to me with anything.  My greatest prayer for you is that, as you grow, you will trust the Lord with all your heart and won’t lean on your own understanding.  That in all your ways you will acknowledge Him as Lord of your life, and watch and follow as He directs your steps.

I love you, Andrew, with all of my heart.  Happy birthday, Son.


Pushing 40

This Saturday, I officially turn 40. I use the term “turn” intentionally because I’ve been “pushing” 40 and, unfortunately, it’s been pushing back pretty hard. I don’t think I want to “hit” 40 for fear of what might happen.

I’ve spent the last three days in the hospital with acute sinusitis. Very painful ailment, I might add. Yes, one week before my 40th birthday. I guess I wanted to go out with a bang…or is that a wimper…defintely a moan or two.

I figure that I’ve gotten it out of my system and am ready to go ahead and hit my 40s with a bang…and you better believe I’m gonna hit that sucker with everything I’ve got…gonna knock it out so it can’t return the favor.  So, here’s to the 30’s: they taught me a lot, showed me many changes and gave me many wonderful opportunities.  Both of my children were born during my 30s and they are a wonderful blessing.

I actually look forward to my 40s.  They’re a gift from God and, if it’s His good pleasure, I’ll make to say the same about my 50’s.  Every good and every perfect gift comes from above, as the Scripture goes, so thank you, Lord, for the wonderful gift of turning…and hitting…40.

…now bring it on!

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