Making a Move to the HCSB

I usually don’t have a problem with change.  If something isn’t working right, I’m almost always open (if not leading the charge) towards finding a better method.  When something is broken, it’s a no-brainer.  Find a solution and fix it.  The greater challenge is when something isn’t necessarily broken, it’s just not as effective as it could be.  That’s when it’s harder to make a change and resistance is strongest.

In the early days of replanting the church that became known as The Gathering, we had to make some drastic changes just to remain viable.  Many of those changes were unwelcome by many who were here at the time and I understand why.  It was painful for all involved, including myself.  Other changes were more incremental.  They were things that needed to be fixed eventually, but could wait until we could adjust to the aforementioned hard-turns in direction.  Still, never quite easy.  Then come the tweaks.  These are things that aren’t essential, but advantageous.

Tweaks are made almost constantly.  Not a day goes by that I don’t analyze how things are going and ask whether or not they can be improved upon.  Usually, they can be and, when appropriate, our leadership starts the process of discussing how that might happen.

imageOne of those relatively minor tweaks was introduced this past Sunday at The Gathering.  For many years now, I have used the English Standard Version as the primary translation when I preach and teach.  However, over the last several months, I have referenced the Holman Christian Standard version more and more and have become a convert.  Due to a combination of its readability along with being a suberb translation, I have decided our congregation will benefit by the HCSB becoming the primary translation from which I preach.

There are many great arguments for making a change that my friend, Robby Gallaty, has written about in the past.  Rather than reinventing the wheel, I will simply point you to his excellent post here.  I know that for some, change is hard no matter how seemingly minute it is, so if you are a Gathering member who is as much of an ESV-only person as the folks who hold to the KJV only, I hope you will give the HCSB a chance.  I think you will like this little tweak.

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