A Church That Fails to Pray…

(This post is re-published from the March edition of Road Signs, the monthly informational newsmag of The Gathering, Chattanooga.)

A church that fails to pray, fails.Image

I believe this statement and am coming to understand it more and more.  How easy it is to become so busy that the very thing that empowers our efforts is pushed to the side.  Like taking a cross-country road trip and getting so busy driving you neglect the flashing fuel gauge and fail to pull over for gas.  No matter how much effort you put into driving, you’re not going to get far.  One way or another, you’re going to stop.

We are called to be prayer warriors!  Suited up in the full armor of God, raising the shield of faith, using the Sword of the Spirit, standing firm together and fighting our common spiritual enemy.  Are you ready for the fight?  Are you ready to engage the enemy…to stand firm by kneeling together?

I can’t encourage you enough to get into the fight!  Do not fail in your calling because you fail to pray.  Please join me for at least one of the two opportunities we are providing for focused prayer each week.  The Chapel will be open each Wednesday from noon until 1:00 (of course you can stay later if the Spirit is moving) and again from 6:30 – 8:00PM.  You are welcome to come to the church at any time during regular office hours to pray if you need a quiet place, as well.  The point is, whatever it takes for you to get serious about plugging into the power of the Spirit through prayer, do it.  Let’s not fail as a church because we’re so focused on ministry, we neglect the One who has both given and empowers the ministry we are trying to accomplish!

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