The Pursuit of Wisdom

In case you’ve missed it, we are currently in the midst of a series on the book of Proverbs at The Gathering.  It’s been amazing to see how God has used this in our lives already and we’re just in chapter 3!  Who would have thought what appears to be a bunch of random sayings would have such a thematic nature, revealing exactly what we need to know to be able to simply make day-to-day with grace and joy!

I want throw something out at you: If you really desire to live your life according to wisdom, are ready to pursue it with all of your heart, and are tired of trying to figure it out all on your own, I want to encourage you to follow along with us through our audio podcast which can be found here (video capability coming soon…I hope!).  

Of course, If you’re in the Chattanooga area, we’d love to have you join us live next week for Part 6 (Proverbs 4).  As always, if there is any way I can help or encourage you, let me know.

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