The Beginning?

I don’t tend to be an alarmist and very seldom talk politics as a pastor, but I believe this transcends mere politics.  I have talked to the folks at The Gathering for some time about the day that persecution of Christ-followers would be on the increase in America in some form or another.  Well, it may have come without us even realizing it yet.

Because this new healthcare bill has a sufficient number of loopholes to allow for federally funded abortion (regardless of the president’s promise of protection by executive order which, of course, can be reversed at will…though it need not be for it to occur), pro-life Americans who, on principle, can neither support the killing of innocent unborn children morally or financially, could be forced to make very difficult decisions regarding their taxes which could put them at odds with the federal government.  This, of course, could lead to devastating results for the individual or family.

I’m afraid the actions of this congress tonight may have set those wheels in motion.  I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look good to me.

…but I still trust in a sovereign God.

Do you think I’m off base?  If so, why? Trust me, I’d love to believe otherwise, but it would have to be a pretty good argument to the contrary.