Video: Relentless, Part 8: Integrity, On the Verge of Extinction

Who do you trust? I mean really trust?

If you’re like most people (me, included), you can probably count on one hand the number of people you know, beyond a doubt, that their word is their bond; that if they commit to something, you can take it to the bank. Can you name them?

Would you be on someone else’s list?

Being a man or woman of your word seems like a dying breed. We live in a world where promises are expected to be broken, commitments are expected to be circumstantial and contracts expected to come pre-loaded with loopholes.

Cynical? Maybe. Realistic might be a better word.

Yes, it is the world that we live in. However, it doesn’t have to be the life we live…and it’s not supposed to be. As a matter of fact, if we’re Christ-followers, it must not be!

This week, in Relentless, Part 8, we talk about integrity and how being called to holiness demands we live lives of integrity. How do we do it? Watch this weeks message and find out.

The Gathering Chattanooga 06-02-13 Sermon from The Gathering on Vimeo