Your Best Life…Now?

In my last post, I poked a little jab at a fellow minister, Joel Osteen.  If you’re a fan, I’m sorry, but I have some serious issues with Mr. Osteen’s theology, mainly because I believe that he not only simplifies the Gospel of Christ, he largely ignores it.

The following is a video of Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle offering response to a clip of one of Osteen’s messages.  In it, Driscoll compares Osteen’s message with the life lived by Christ.  I would add that if we look at the lives of all of the apostles and those who followed Jesus in the early church, the “victorious life” as taught by Osteen doesn’t fit reality.   Because of the incredible influence Osteen is having over Evangelicalism, I invite you to watch the video yourself and make your own determinations.