Hey, I’m David.  Welcome to my website!

I’m doing some remodeling, so sorry for the construction. Since I’ve not written here in a while, you won’t find anything recent yet, but there will be more content soon.  Until then, feel free to look through some of the old stuff.

By the way, in case we haven’t met, I’m a Pastor and writer who loves to challenge and encourage people to test their beliefs, to develop a realistic worldview, and then to help them live that out consistently. As a pastor, I’m writing from a Christian worldview.  That’s not only because of my own faith-heritage, but because I’ve found the Christian worldview able to deal most consistently with the world that we actually live in and if it doesn’t provide real answers to real questions, what’s the point?

From time-to-time, I will tackle a current event and analyze it according to its worldview assumptions.  Regardless, my goal is to address issues with grace and kindness and to foster healthy, friendly dialogue.

I’ve been called an “old soul.” I believe men should be gentlemen and so you’ll read some essays and posts that relate to how to be one in the 21st Century and as a lover of jazz and coffee, you’ll probably see something on those subjects in the mix, too!

I serve as the Lead Pastor of The Gathering, Chattanooga, a church I’ve led since 2006. As you can see, I am blessed with a wonderful wife and two great kids (both of whom are growing up entirely too fast!).

I had the privilege of studying at Southern Seminary where I earned a Master of Divinity (MDiv) in Theology and a Master of Theology (ThM) in Apologetics and Worldviews.

I hope you’ll check out some of my essays, recommendations, and musings.  If you’re in the Chattanooga area, I’d love to meet you in person some Sunday at The Gathering.  Feel free to drop me a line at DPrice@GatheringChattanooga.com.  I’m happy to answer questions or deal with topics you’re interested in, so let me know.

By the way, if you want to watch one of my recent messages at The Gathering, click on the church link at the top.

Thanks for coming by!

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jerry shoemaker
jerry shoemaker

david, It has been a long time. I thought of you as an ad on the side of my viewing page said "Buy David Price". And I thought why would david sell himself? Hope all is well.

Robert & Jeane Minyard
Robert & Jeane Minyard

Dear David, We were just made aware of your website this morning. Thank you for the wonderful reading - We knew you were destined to be a great warrier for the Lord. I will continue to check out your writing. We run into your Mom and Dad every now and then. Keep up the good work Love, The Minyards