One of the Fruits of Being Justified By Faith

A favorite section from R.C. Sproul’s classic, The Holiness of God:

When our holy war with God ceases; when we, like Luther, walk through the doors of paradise, when we are justified by faith, the war ends forever. With the cleansing from sin and the declaration of divine forgiveness we enter into an eternal peace treaty with God. The firstfruit of our justification is peace with God. This peace is a holy peace, a peace unblemished and transcendent. It is a peace that cannot by destroyed.
When God signs a peace treaty, it is signed for perpetuity. The war is over, forever and ever. Of course we still sin; we still rebel; we still commit acts of hostility toward God. But God is not a cobelligerent. He will not be drawn into warfare with us. We have an advocate with the Father. We have a mediator who keeps the peace. He rules over the peace because He is both the Prince of Peace and He is our peace.
We are now called the children of God, a title granted in blessing to those who are peacemakers. Our sins are now dealt with by a Father, not a military commander. We have peace. It is our possession, sealed and guaranteed for us by Christ. (chapter 7)

A call to and reason for worship for all who have experienced this peace!

Join My New Bookshout! Reading Circle

I have started a new reading circle for anyone interested in reading through a book together using Bookshout!. Bookshout! is an innovative social and group reading platform that works on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and web browsers.

Starting with our first book today, we’re reading Erasing Hell by Francis Chan. It’s a free ebook you can download from the Bookshout! store.

We’ll read about a chapter a week, preferably by Monday or Tuesday in order to spend the rest of the week engaging in discussion. This is a very low-pressure group, just read the book with us! Post comments or questions if you feel like it and if you don’t…well, don’t. No problem.

There is plenty of time to sign up this week. Simply open a new account with Bookshout!, then find and join my Reading Circle here (also, make sure you follow me and I’ll follow back). If you have problems getting hooked up, shoot me a message and I’ll try and help.

It should be a lot of fun and a great way to grow in our faith together! See you on Bookshout!

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