Snow Days

For the past couple of days, the Southeast has been blanketed with a beautiful coating of snow.  Because this is the Southeast, which gets this kind of thing once a millennium (it seems), that means one thing…SNOW DAYS!!!!!! (oh, and a lot of really bad drivers).

Yes, snow days.  Glorious opportunities for sledding and snow ball fights, snow men and snow angels.  Oh, and of course, snow ice cream!

Anytime there is a lot of snow, there is bound to be a lot of fun.  And that is the best part of it:  Plenty of opportunity for togetherness…and that is the worst part of it, too (or at least it can be).  Sure, cabin fever can set in and too much togetherness can be challenging, but what a great opportunity to learn to have fun together; to be creative and work on building family relationships without the opportunity of escape!

I think maybe even when there is no snow on the ground, we need to build in our own “snow days,” where we do nothing but spend quality and quantity time with our families; where we get creative and find out how many ways we can have fun together.  Even when we start to get on each other’s nerves, embrace it!  Learn, in those times, what a family really is all about: loving each other in the good and the bad and learning how to work out conflicts so that the family is strengthened.

I’m quickly learning that, as the family goes, snow days are the best days.

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