A song for the wilderness.

I talk a lot about “The Wilderness.”  All of us experience it and often we have no idea why we’re there or how or when we’ll ever get out.  We ask a reasonable question: “If God loves me, why doesn’t He deliver me?”  Well, I’ve often said that God is the God of the wilderness.  It’s one of the places His voice His heard most clearly because it’s the place where all of the other noises are drowned out and we get to a place of desperate listening.

Laura Story (writer of the hit song, Indescribable, recorded by Chris Tomlin) has written a song in the midst of walking through a wilderness of her own with her husband, Martin, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2006.  She has found the God of the Wilderness to be faithful even when all the questions aren’t immediately answered.  Does God bless in the wilderness?  Is there more than meets the eye?  Are blessings only related to prosperity and success?  Listen to Laura talk about her own journey in the wilderness and then watch Laura sing her song here.

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