The President to Attend Worship Service in Chinese Church

I have really found myself burdened for the Chinese people lately.  With the Olympics getting ready to start, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing some kind of show about China and her people.  I know that the Olympics bring a rare opportunity for that country to be open to the Gospel like perhaps no other time for the very simply reason that so many Believers, like Joe Smith who is a part of the Olympic team, have actually been invited into the Country by the Chinese officials.  It’s as if the great spiritual wall of China is beginning to form some pretty big cracks.  So I ask you to join me in praying that the wall will be completely torn down.

What I see as a pretty amazing opportunity is the news that President Bush will be attending a Chinese church while attending the Olympics.  I can’t imagine a better way to spotlight the necessity of human and religious rights for the Chinese people than for the American president to actually attend one of their services.

According to a report on citing of the President’s top aides, George W. Bush plans to attend church while in China for the opening of the Olympic Games next month, and will speak about freedom of religion. “When he goes to church on Sunday (August 10) he will make a statement afterwards in which he discusses his view on religious freedom in China,” said national security council director of Asian Affairs Dennis Wilder. “You can deliver the message of freedom without politicizing the events of the game,” Wilder said. “The president will have diplomatic meetings with the Chinese leadership that are separate from the games. And in those meetings with the Chinese leaders he will of course bring up these issues.”

Please join me in praying for the President as he carries out these meetings.  Also pray for the opening up of China for the Gospel to spread across that Country and for revival to break out among a people who are blinded to the Truth that salvation comes through no other means than the atoning work of Christ on the cross.

Pray for China

From Religion News Update:

Voice of the Martyrs and China Aid Association are encouraging Christians to wear “Pray for China” wristbands as the opening ceremonies approach, according to OneNewsNow. Reports of increased house church raids and imprisonment of Christians have trickled through government lines in a pre-Olympics crackdown. “The Chinese government wants this Olympic season to be a great coming-out party for the nation of China. So they are doing everything they can to keep Christians out of Beijing, especially those who would be inclined to protest or make any kind of public spectacle,” VOM Spokesman Todd Nettleton said. “The Chinese government wants to ensure this Olympics goes on right on schedule, without a hitch.” Wristbands can be ordered at the VOM and China Aid Association Web sites.

Voice of the Martyrs website:

Going for Gold

As the Olympic Games get set to begin in the next couple of weeks, our church has a special connection.  Our own Joe Smith will be serving as the Team Manager for the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team.  Please pray for Joe, not only in regards to safety and success, but so that Joe’s desire to be an impact for Christ will be accomplished.

Here is a local news report on Joe’s involvement with the team.

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