This year for me is all about balance.  I’m trying very hard to seek “moderation in all things” and imbalance in none.  That’s a huge challenge for me!  So far, though, I’m eating right, working out regularly, finding consistency in Scripture reading, and working towards balance between work, family and personal time.  That last one may be the most difficult challenge for me thus far…not sure why.

The cool thing is that I’m enjoying life this year more than ever.  Living life intentionally makes all the difference in the world.  Actually, intentional living (based on 1 Corinthians 10:31) is when real living happens.  Is this easy?  No, not really, but I am committed.  Hopefully, if and when I waiver, some of my loving friends will gently help me get back on track! 🙂  So, how are you doing this year?  What is your area of biggest challenge regarding balance?