Catalyst Bound…the countdown has begun.


Stay tuned here beginning tomorrow.  I’ll be doing some live-blogging from Catalyst 09.  Conference is starting Thursday morning bright and early, so Karen and I, along with other staff members and spouses, will be heading down to Atlanta sometime tomorrow.

Checking out the line-up of speakers, this should be an amazing and intense week. They make it an absolute blast just being at the arena with 12k young leaders while they rip your heart out with the realities of the needs around us and the urgency of the Gospel in our world.  Looking forward to being re-charged (which I’m in desperate need of!) as well as getting to hang with some great folks as we hone our leadership skills.  You can probably expect raw emotion and reaction as it happens.  Now watch me not be able to get an internet connection!  Nah, I’ll take the network card and we’ll be good to go.  You can also check out updates following my Twitter and Facebook pages (links to the right).

If you are going to be at Catalyst, let me know so maybe we can hook up.