Mother’s Day and More

Today is a very special day because we honor our mothers, and so to all moms we say thank you and we love you.  For my own mom, it is especially unique.  It was on this specific day…Mother’s Day…in 1955 that my mother gave birth to my oldest brother, Charles Silas Price, Jr.  It would have been the most joyful day for a young couple, living far away from home while serving in the Army, married just over a year, giving birth to their first son and on Mother’s Day, no less.  It should have been joyful, except that this little boy was born with spina bifada…and in 1955, that was a death sentence. Tragically, “Chuck” only lived a very short time: born on Mother’s Day and dying on Father’s Day, 1955.  

So, on this special Mother’s Day, I honor the memory of the one I never knew, born 56 years ago today.