My Politics

I’ve had several people ask me about my political pursuasions lately.  Sometimes when my response is that I work really hard to be non-partisan, I am met with the response, “Well, you HAVE to vote for somebody!”  Well, yes, I DO have to vote for someone and I am going to.  My point is that I don’t sign onto the idea of aligning too closely to a political party.  As a pastor (and more importantly, a Christian) I believe it is important to speak to the culture not from a partisan position, but a biblical one.

For too long, in my opinion, Christians, in general, have aligned themselves with a particular party.  Now, the trend seems to be going the other way.  The reasons cited usually have something to do with one or two particular issues.  On the left, it seems mostly environmental and justice issues.  On the right, abortion and traditional marriage.  On both sides, the economy is a big deal and, of course, the war.

My contention is that none of those are exclusively (or primarily) political issues.  They are just issues and, principly if not explicitly, the Bible speaks to all of them.  So, why then attach ourselves to a particular party and lose the chance to speak to all of them?  I happen to take very seriously issues of justice (modern-day slavery, hunger, abandonment and mistreatment) and am concerned about the environment.  I am also concerned about issues of abortion and do not favor gay-marriage.  At the same time, I am very concerned about the dignity and respectful treatment of all humans whether they be unborn babies, homosexuals, or the homeless.

There are lines that must be drawn, but for a Christian, I do not think they are political.  Scripture transcends politics and, therefore, I feel I must as well.  I want to minister to Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents.  I can’t do that if I am a straight-line party guy.

Having said that, I am also an American who has not only the right but also the responsibility to vote.  I have weighed all of the candidates and found them wanting.  I say that, though, with the understanding that I would be found wanting, too.

So, to answer those who have asked who I support, I humbly submit that I will, as a non-partisan and with less reservation than I would have with the other candidates, be voting for McCain and Palin*.  I don’t stand for all that McCain is or does, but I think out of the two, he would serve as a better prepared and able leader…substance over style.


* This is not intended to be a political endorsement or necessarily an encouragement to vote for these candidates.  I am simply stating my personal position and have no intention of speaking of it within the context of our church.  Should the other candidate win, he will be my president and, according to Scripture, will have my support (though I have no obligation to support/agree with all of his decisions or views).