On Learning Patience

Long lines drive me nuts. Cars that won’t move out of my way in the fast lane make me insane.  Little boys that don’t do what I say the first time push my buttons.

Patience…what a terrible word.  Why is that something that comes so hard for so many people?  You know the one thing you’re never supposed to pray for, right?  Why not?  Is it because that is the one thing that we find most difficult to obtain?  Probably.

Dave Dorr at the Resurgence blog wrote a very good article on the subject.  If, like me, you struggle with patience, you need to spend some time meditating on this post.  Here’s an excerpt:

Patience is understanding the settled reality that we are not in control. We are at peace with the fact that life is run by someone else. When we are patient we are paddling downstream, letting the force of life guide us along, knowing we can steer, but not turn upstream. Impatience is turning the boat, rowing hard against the current; we still move downstream, but with incredible exhaustion.

If you want to read the full article (and I hope you do), you can read it here.