Call for the Question


OK, admittedly, this kind of post is dangerous and can be a set-up for a flop if nobody responds, but I’m gonna do it anyway (so I hope you don’t leave me hanging).

Backstory: I used to have a very active and time-consuming blog called Espresso Roast.  I still keep it actively online, though it’s in moth balls, because I put a lot of work into the articles and will reference stuff from there from time to time as I did here.  I enjoyed writing on it very much, later added a few friends to contribute along with me for a short time, and developed a pretty decent following.  It was much more “article-driven” primarily about worldview issues, since I was working on a ThM in that field at the time.  I really started to burn out, though, and the big blogging explosion that had begun early in the last decade started waning a bit.  After shutting down active blogging there, I scaled back considerably and wrote only the occasional post of things that interested me on a different, personal journal/blog.  

That brings me to today.  I’m being drawn back into more active writing mode and would really like for it to be something that is a real encouragement to you (since you’re here reading this now), where you are.  So, along with writing about things that I think are important and offering general pastoral encouragement and insights, I’d like to incorporate things that you might be specifically interested in.  From a biblical worldview perspective, I’d like to attempt to answer questions and tackle subjects you may have and at least begin a dialogue so that, together, we can come to a clearer sense of truth in our lives than perhaps we could on our own.  There are other pastors who come by occasionally, too, so maybe we’ll get some objective contributors to the issue from those sources, as well.

For those of you reading who are a part of The Gathering, admittedly we don’t spend a great deal of time looking at “topical” stuff, dealing instead with topics as they arise within the context of a book of the Bible we happen to be going through at the time (which is by far the best approach anyway, imho).  Maybe this is a forum in which we can pursue the topics/personal issues and questions more directly.  

So, I’m putting it out there and giving you an opportunity to give me an idea as to what you’d like to see addressed, questions that you struggle with finding the answers to, or just subjects that you think a conversation would be interesting to engage in.  No honest question is off-base and since some topics require more time to address, they may not pop up immediately, but I will somehow address them.

Well, there you have it.  If you have any input, please leave a comment below.  I get a lot of comments on FB, Google+, etc. on things I post here, but I’d appreciate having comments for this post, in particular, compiled here.

This invitation will remain open so that if there are no immediate topics or questions that come up, you can always ask later.  Thanks!