Taking Down the Giant

ppIf you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I have been singing a song with essentially one verse of late: Stop abortion!  Now, you may reasonably ask, “Are you just jumping on the anti-abortion bandwagon since that’s the popular issue of the day?”  My response to such a question would be, “No…and yes.”

I have actually been on this particular bandwagon for many, many years, writing several articles published on my previous blog on the subject.  I have long been repulsed and broken over the reality that up to 57 million babies have been killed in the most barbaric and inhumane ways before they have ever taken their first breath.  I have written on the absurdity that a fetus is considered a child, protected by law, only if the mother wants it.  In such a case, a person can be charged with 1st degree murder for killing an unborn child, if the mother wants it, thus arbitrarily declaring that it is a human being with rights.  Otherwise, it is nothing more than the “product of conception,” legally exterminated with little more concern than killing a cockroach.

At the same time, as many other Americans, I have grown complacent in my fervor against abortion.  I have been lulled into the false-notion that long-standing laws cannot or will not be changed, especially over those that have been in place for over 40 years.  That being said, I have, indeed, jumped on the recent bandwagon.  If there is one thing the LGBT community has taught me, it’s that public opinion can change.  Laws can be reversed and public opinion can shift…if enough people let their voices be heard and do not let up.

I gladly jump on that bandwagon and pray I never fall off until the day when, like the slave trade in England fell as a result of the lifelong effort of William Wilberforce, abortion is no more.  If this battle for the unborn is to be won, we must commit to the fight.  We must determine that ALL life is valuable, regardless of the stage of development it happens to be in.  It is illogical and foolish to believe that a trip down a birth canal can transform non-human into human.  We must trumpet these false assertions.  How do we do it?

First, we commit ourselves to the battle for life.  Determine to be a part of the solution, prayerfully considering how God wants you to be involved in a way that will glorify Christ.

Secondly, we make our voices heard in standing against the funding of abortion using our tax dollars.  Think about that: you and I are indirectly paying for abortions right now!  This must stop!  Contact your representative and demand they stand…really stand against continuing funding Planned Parenthood.  Use the avenues you have been given such as Twitter and Facebook to give voice to the millions of children who have been killed throughout the years along with the hundreds, if not thousands, worldwide that have been killed since you began reading this short article.<

Thirdly, we make certain that our spending habits don’t inadvertently fund abortions through the companies we do business with.  Will this be inconvenient and take sacrifice on your part?  Yes, in that you may have to look for alternate cellular companies or home improvement stores, but the impact we can have on our nation can be profound if we refuse to do business with those who support the business of legalized murder.  Let these companies know why you are taking your business elsewhere.  To date, several companies who were staunch supporters of Planned Parenthood have withdrawn their funding because of the public backlash.

Fourthly, we actively support those organizations that work directly and tirelessly to truly care for women in difficult positions by providing other options besides abortion.  In the Chattanooga area (a city I am proud to say has no abortion facilities), Choices Pregnancy Center is a great resource for women who are concerned about an unplanned pregnancy and are considering abortion.  Volunteer and/or contribute financially to an organization like Choices that offers alternatives to abortion such as adoption, along with extensive counseling to help those moving towards abortion as well as young women who have already gone through with it and are suffering from the results.  Along with this, be the Church: reach out to those around you who need the love and support of godly people before they ever get into these situations. Prevention is always the best remedy.

Finally, pray! This is never a last resort. It’s the first (I just saved the best for last!).  Our efforts can go a long way to change a mind; to alter public opinion, but only God can change a heart…something He’s been in the business of doing since He created time.  Pray for the names of those you have seen on some of the horrible videos that have come out.  Pray for women everywhere who are considering or are in process of having abortions right now and the activists, men and women, who benefit by keeping the abortion machine running under the guise of “guarding a woman’s right to choose.”  Pray for our leadership in Washington and in our state that God will change their hearts and give those who are already opposed to abortion the courage and will to engage in the fight for as long as it takes.

William Wilberforce is famously quoted as saying to those first exposed to the horrors of the slave trade, “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”  Watch the videos. Become informed. Stand together. Refuse to bury your head in the sand.  This is not a political issue.  It never was.