Your Serve

I meant to post this here earlier in the month of February, but this is article from our monthly RoadSigns mag:

Quick question: Why are you here? No, not why are you on this earth…why are you at this church? Or any church for that matter? Does it make you feel good? Is it sort of a responsibility you have since you’re a Christian? Do you like learning more about the Bible or more about God; you like being spiritually fed? You like to worship with other Christians? Maybe there are other reasons. I wonder, though, if we’re ever a part of a church for the right reason.

OK, let me quickly say that there is nothing necessarily wrong with any of the above reasons (and all fit in there somewhere), but I think we often miss the main reason. What is that, you ask? Good question. I’m going to give you a reference, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it at this point, but maybe soon. Here it is: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. Alright, take a look at it right now and I’ll just wait right here.

Got it? Good. So, what was the common theme in that passage that relates to being a part of a church? Was it any of the things listed up top? Hmm. Not really, was it? So, what is the theme? Here’s a hint: everything we listed above has to do with what you GET. Even, arguably, worship could be included here if you mainly come to and pick a church because of what YOU like. Ouch.

What, then, is Paul talking about in the passage? Not what you GET but what you GIVE. Jesus said he came not to BE served, but to serve, right? Are you His disciple? Fair question, I think. A disciple has the same values and acts in the same manner as his master. So, are you a disciple? Is serving your primary interest within the church or are you more interested in being served? These are tough things for us to talk about, but absolutely imperative if we’re to be a healthy church.

I want to encourage you to give yourself an “attitude adjustment” (much the same way we ask our kids to do for themselves…before we have to). I want to encourage you to change your own vocabulary so that when you hear of an opportunity to serve in any capacity, you no longer mentally ask yourself, “Why should I do that?” It’s the wrong place to start for a disciple of Jesus. The question we must all ask is, “Why should I NOT be involved?” This puts us in a place of getting really honest and we will probably learn that there are really very few legitimate (non-selfish) reasons why we shouldn’t. If you’re a disciple.